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Scottish Gaelic




Latest Translation

Scottish Gaelic-English GUS AM BRIS AN LA
Turkish-Scottish Gaelic Bunu yapmak zorunda değilsin
Scottish Gaelic-English enjoy travels
Scottish Gaelic-English good journey
English-English Thrayen beyn Peverlas soona ahnd thrih heera toal thissoom Dath bey yewoonen.
Scottish Gaelic-English Tha Alba a ’stiùireadh na slighe agus cuid eile a’ leantainn
Latin-Spanish dum spiro spero. dum spiro Scio
Scottish Gaelic-English Tha gad Agam ort
Scottish Gaelic-English Tha gad Adam ort
Scottish Gaelic-English oidhche luain
English-English The cleaning business performs cleansing of areas of numerous sizes and configurations. We give professional <a href=https://maidservicenyc.pro/>housemaid</a> for private customers. Utilizing European equipment as well as licensed tools, we accomplish maximum outcomes and supply cleaning in a short time. The business's specialists give cleaning up with the assistance of modern technologies, have unique tools, as well as additionally have licensed cleaning agents in their toolbox. Along with the above benefits, wines provide: desirable rates; cleaning in a short time; top quality outcomes; greater than 100 favorable evaluations. Cleaning up workplaces will help maintain your work environment in order for the most effective job. Any type of company is exceptionally important ambience in the group. Cleansing services that can be purchased inexpensively now can aid to organize it as well as give a comfortable area for labor. If required, we leave cleaning up the cooking area 2-3 hours after placing the order. You get cleaning up asap. We offer discounts for those who utilize the solution for the very first time, along with beneficial regards to collaboration for normal clients. We provide premium cleaning for big ventures and little firms of various instructions, with a discount of up to 25%. Our pleasant group provides you to obtain familiarized with beneficial terms of cooperation for company customers. We responsibly approach our tasks, clean making use of expert cleansing products and also customized equipment. Our employees are trained, have clinical books and recognize with the subtleties of getting rid of complicated and also hard-to-remove dust from surfaces.
Turkish-Latin Üzeyir
Tatar-Turkish Эш Тынма , эшлә , и сабый ! Бел , Тәңредән эшләргә — көн , Эшләп аргачтан , бирелгәндер тыныч йокларга төн . Иртә торгач та язарга , дәрсең укырга тотын ; Тынма , эшлә , торма тик , тынсаң тынарсың жомга көн . Күр , ничек эшли кояш : иртә тора , таң аттыра , Кенозын күктә йөзә һәм көн буенча яктыра . Соңра , арган төсле , ул ирнеп кенә тауга бата , Йоклый рәхәт , ял итә һәм җир йөзен дә йоклата . Син кояштан үрнәк алсан , ижтиһад итсән һаман , Күк арасында кояш күк ялтырарсың берзаман !
Turkish-Tatar Sultangaliyev
Turkish-Papiamento Curacao Futbol Federasyonu
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